The Head Gasket Guy!

The Head Gasket Guy!
Hello, my name is Bill.
A little over 9 years ago, I blew the head gasket on our Toyota.
I was quoted a little over $2,000.00 to do the repair, but the car wasn't worth that much, so I started looking for a 21st century solution. Yes, I found one!
In fact, it worked like a charm!
I drove that car for another year, and then sold it, with the head gasket seal still intact.
I noticed there were other people suffering with the same problem, a blown head gasket, so I formulated an easier and better product than the one I used on that old Toyota. I call it HGR-12.
Since I sold my first bottle of HGR-12, over 3,000 Cars (including a Cadillac Northstar), Trucks, & even a few Tractors with blown head gaskets are back on the road after using HGR-12!

HGR12 - the Head Gasket Repair that really Works!
My HGR-12 formula has a 96% success rate, that's far better than any other head gasket sealer on the market that I know of.
HGR-12 is so easy to use, and very effective in permanently sealing that blown head gasket.

I completely stand behind my guarantee!

HGR-12 will save you money, period!
If you need assistance, my one-on-one phone coaching will walk you through the process to get that blown head gasket fixed fast, and permanently, getting you back on the road!
Or, I can help you locate a local mechanic to perform the HGR-12 repair for you.
call us at (805) 458-7812
The Only Way This Will Fail 
Is If You Fail To Take Action.

Get back on the road with HGR-12! 


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