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Car overheating? You may have a blown head gasket

You may have a blown head gasket. You may not!
             My name is Bill, but my customers know me as ‘the head gasket guy’. I work on Cars, Trucks, Diesel Trucks, Vans, Farm Equipment, Imports and Domestics. For those in my area, I offer a FREE cooling system inspection that will tell for sure if you have a blown head gasket or not. I will come to your location, saving you the expense of a tow! For those not in my area, give me a call and I will ask you some questions to determine if HGR-12 will work for you.
            When your head gasket goes, turn to ‘The Head Gasket Guy’ for fast & economical same day service. Free Cooling System Check-up! 100% Guaranteed Head Gasket Repair. Better Business Bureau A+ Rating. Call now for free estimate. (805) 458-7812  Serving the counties of: San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Kern, Fresno, and Santa Barbara.

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The 2008 Scion Challange

     Today, October 26, 2017, I had the opportunity to work on my first Scion. (I came to find out that Scion is made by Toyota). It was blowing clouds of steam out the tailpipe, and the oil was slightly milky, due to coolant contamination.  I saw I had my hands full. After fully inspecting the cooling system, I found that everything was working properly. 
     So what caused the head gasket to blow? I went ahead and treated the system with HGR-12 and was again rewarded with a smoother running engine, and no more steam out the back. After allowing the engine to run a good half hour, the mystery about what caused the head gasket problem was solved. I suspected the radiator cap was bad when I did the inspection, but it wasn't until I squeezed the top radiator hose, which should have had some pressure build up, and and should have resisted squeezing a bit that it hit me. There should have been pressure naturally, (that is what a hot cooling system does, builds up a bit of pressure, bu…

1990 Nissan pickup

          On the October 17 2017, I worked on a vehicle that was a good example of a blown head gasket that can not be fixed until after a different problem is fixed.            It was a 1990 Nissan pickup that overheated. With white smoke billowing out the tail pipe it was obvious the head gasket was blown. 
          Looking first at the engine bay to note the probable cause for the overheating, I  thought maybe the water pump was no longer doing it's job circulating the coolant.  However, there were NO signs of external leakage (typically a bad water pump will show signs of leakage).  A failed water pump is a major cause of engine overheating, and an overheated engine usually causes the head gasket to fail. In this case, however, there were no signs of an external leak. The coolant (mostly water) just wasn’t circulating through the cooling system. It just sat there and boiled. 
          So, how did I know the water pump was bad without all the fancy testing equipment?  Simple, al…

The Head Gasket Guy!

The Head Gasket Guy!Hello, my name is Bill.
A little over 9 years ago, I blew the head gasket on our Toyota.
I was quoted a little over $2,000.00 to do the repair, but the car wasn't worth that much, so I started looking for a 21st century solution. Yes, I found one!
In fact, it worked like a charm!
I drove that car for another year, and then sold it, with the head gasket seal still intact.
I noticed there were other people suffering with the same problem, a blown head gasket, so I formulated an easier and better product than the one I used on that old Toyota. I call it HGR-12.
Since I sold my first bottle of HGR-12, over 3,000 Cars (including a Cadillac Northstar), Trucks, & even a few Tractors with blown head gaskets are back on the road after using HGR-12!

My HGR-12 formula has a 96% success rate, that's far better than any other head gasket sealer on the market that I know of.
HGR-12 is so easy to use, and very effective in permanently sealing that blown head gasket…